A Guide to Caring For Mature Trees

Mature trees offer grace, beauty and shade to urban settings. They need to be watered, pruned and protected from diseases just like younger trees do, but the care they receive must be handled differently. Here are steps to take to give any of your maturing Marietta trees, including a variety of oaks, a chance to thrive for many more years.Marietta Tree Care

1. Water Trees with Care

The most important thing to do for a mature tree’s health is provide it with the appropriate amount of water. Most Marietta trees will need a deep monthly watering, especially in the absence of a soaking rain. SCS Trees provides more information on when and how much to water particular tree species, just contact www.scstrees.com.

2. Hire Our Tree Professionals To Prune Regularly

Older trees have to be pruned regularly to get rid of dead limbs or diseased wood. Professional Pruning also relieves the branches of any excessive weight that may cause them to fall. This process is called end-weight reduction and it greatly reduces any hazards that accompany a fallen branch.

Always be sure to hire an Experienced Professional Tree Service to prune your trees. You want to avoid the practice of topping trees when pruning them as this removes food-producing foliage and can cause the tree to starve.

3. Protect Against Tree Diseases And Other Problems

Any changes in foliage should be noted, and if necessary, a professional tree technician should be called to inspect the tree for the exact problem. Learn more about tree pests and the various diseases that can affect your tree by following our blog. The earlier problems are caught, the more likely they can be solved with a course of treatment recommended by an arborist.Tree Service in Marietta, GA

Other problems besides tree diseases that affect mature trees often come from pruning wounds. Improperly pruned limbs regrow slowly and are more susceptible to disease. Improper watering or poor soil can cause a tree to decline more quickly. However, the real symptoms of its decline may take a long time before they make themselves apparent. Symptoms like leaf for branch drop should be noted and treated immediately.

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