A Guide To The Perfect Timing For Pine Tree Removal And Pruning In Woodstock GA

Since pine trees are coniferous evergreens, a minimal amount of pruning is required. The Mediterranean climate can help many pine trees to flourish, one example is the stone pine (Pinus pinea), in the U.S. Department of Agriculture they have a plant hardiness of 7A through 11.Tips from a tree service company

To shape these trees and get rid of crowded branches, no more should be needed than an annual light trim.

On the occasion that dead or diseased branches have appeared, removing them at the time will stop the infection from being passed on to other trees in your garden.

Since they are ornamental trees, it is vital to choose the correct time of year for carrying out the pruning.

Choosing A Safe Time To Remove Pine Trees Or Prune

Late in Winter through to early Spring, during the dormant period, is by far the safest time to prune pine trees.

This means that as the temperature begins to warm up in Spring, the pine trees have started to recover from their pruning wounds.

Since trimming promotes and encourages new growth, timing the pruning for the dormant period allows the pines to use the warm weather to grow and develop a robust stability.

Pruning To Control Growth During Candle Pinching

tree pruning tips by a professional tree servicePine trees are in their candle stage between late spring and early summer, in other words from around early June to the beginning of July. From the ends of the branches thick new shoots appear, which we call candles.

It’s during the candle period that you can control the pine’s growth by pinching between one-third and two-thirds of the candles, this is especially important if you have a small garden that could easily become overgrown by pines!

In addition candle-pinching will promote dense growth hence giving the pine trees a fuller appearance.

Timing Your Pine Tree Pruning Wrong

Significantly pruning your pine trees during the growing season can have detrimental effects.

This growing period lasts from late spring right through the summer, during this time there is a higher risk of fungal infections and bark can be damaged more easily.

Autumn is also a bad choice for trimming branches since fresh buds grow below each of the pruning cuts. Once the temperatures start to fall in Winter, many of these shoots are unable to survive.

Dealing With Diseased Or Dead Branches On Pine Trees In Woodstock, GA

The removal of diseased or dead branches is an exception to the rule.

Professional tree pruning on a pine treeQuick removal of dead branches or those lacking foliage is vital.

If you’re unsure whether a branch is dead, use a knife to scrape the bark, if the underneath is dry, the branch has died and should be removed without delay.

In saying that, it’s much better to prune dead or diseased branches in dry weather, since wet weather can up the risk of those deadly disease spores being transferred from your pruning tools to other other parts of the pine tree.


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