Top 3 Reasons To Hire Quality Tree Removal Services In Marietta, Georgia

Everyone wants their lawns and their property looking its absolute best, and why not? People should take pride in their home property. The old saying goes that every man’s home is his castle, so why not give your beloved property the royal treatment?

Sometimes you need a little bit more than conventional lawn care. We’ve seen plenty of properties where the grass was well cut and the hedges were well trimmed, but you could just tell a few things were off and no amount of surface maintenance would fix it.

If you have a large dead tree in your yard or a string of sickly trees on your property, they’re going to stick out like a sore thumb. The problem is that many people are worried about finding the perfect tree removal services. We understand, no one likes the image of big unsightly stumps where trees used to be or the idea of giant gaping holes in the ground after stump removal.

This is when you need to turn to local tree professionals who know what they’re doing and who truly care about their reputation in the local community. At SCS Tree Service we know we are part of the community and we always want to put our best foot forward when dealing with tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal services in Marietta, Georgia.

Reason #1: Preventing Squirrel And Rodent Damage By Pruning Limbs

Trees provide for great shade and can look beautiful, but too often when they are planted years ago they are placed too close to a house and the outreached branches can make it easy for squirrels, raccoon, and other animals to dig into the attic and insulation and cause damage on the roof.

If the trees are far enough away some expert branch pruning can often help take care of this, making the distance from tree to roof enough that it’s not practical to nest into the house. However for trees that were planted far too close to the home, you may want to make sure roots aren’t damaging the foundation.

In these situations you need a tree removal service that is experienced enough to handle every potential situation. From emergency storm damage to ensuring the future stability of your building, you can count on us to get things done right!

Calling our honest and hard working professionals also might mean you won’t have to make so many calls to pest control in the future, either. In this particular case, everyone is a winner!

Reason #2: Helping To Contain Disease Or The Spread of Damage

Sometimes beautiful trees will get fungal infections, invasive insects, or even disease. It’s unfortunate, but acting early to fully remove a tree or two that are showing early signs not only saves your property from the look of dead or sick trees, but it might help slow down or even prevent the healthy trees from getting the same damage.

We are proud to serve the Marietta, Georgia, area and would be happy to check on your property and make sure everything appeared in line, or to remove the trees that pose a threat or visual blight.

Reason #3: Choose Tree Removal Now Because It Can Still Get Worse Later!

One of the best reasons to take care of any sick, dying, or badly placed trees is because the problem can get worse with time. Diseases and fungus can spread to healthy trees, continued growth can lead to root and branch problems, and a couple good storms can hit the trees and cause more damage.

Taking care of this issue early on can pay off big time in both money and safety down the road.

Why take the chance when our professional service can help remove the tree, the stump, and fill in the ground behind it to make your property look pristine? You can count on our experienced professionals to handle all your tree removal needs both in and around Roswell, Georgia.

Please contact the professionals at SCS Tree Service today to get the fast, safe, and effective tree removal services that you need. We work fast, effectively, and always have safety at the forefront of our minds. You can count on us!