Although dead trees may look stable at first glance, they are a significant safety hazard to your home in Marietta, GA. An unexpected storm or a variety of other external factors can easily cause a dead tree to topple over and come crashing into your home, causing thousands of dollars in property damage.

Fortunately, such a scenario can easily be avoided by calling a respected tree removal service, such as SCS Tree Service, to drop by and safely remove the tree from your property. The key here is identifying whether or not a tree is actually dead. With that in mind, here are a few dead giveaways you have a deceased tree on your hands:

Tree removal services identify old, dead tree with open wound on trunk

The Scratch Test

One of the best ways to see if a particular tree on your property is dead is to check the condition of the tree’s cambium layer of bark. To do this, tree removal professionals suggest take a small pocketknife and remove a small portion of the tree trunk’s upper layer of bark. Directly underneath this is the cambium layer. If it is a nice green shade, your tree is healthy enough. If the cambium layer is brown and dry, you most likely have a dead tree.

Open Wounds

Take a quick look around the trunk of the tree and look for any visible open wounds that may be present. These wounds can take all shapes and forms, but they usually look like gashes or large sores. The presence of these open wounds often shows that the tree is starting to decay at that particular spot. It won’t take too long for the decay to reach other sections of the tree. 

Fungi Near the Roots

Did you notice any mushrooms growing on exposed roots or near the base of the trunk? If so, you’ve got a big problem. The presence of fungi in this area means that the fungi have found a viable food source: the decomposing tree roots. As you can imagine, this is quite dangerous as the roots anchor the tree into the ground. If the roots decay enough, a tree can come crashing down at any given moment.

Soft Spots

Ideally, trees are hard and sturdy to the touch. Unfortunately, trees tend to rot from the inside out, so even a healthy looking tree can already be compromised. A good way to check the condition of your tree is to try pressing down on several different spots of the trunk. If any of the spots you press give way, your tree may have already been decaying for a while.

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