While trying to save trees is a worthy goal, doing the same with a dying, disease-ridden, or accident-prone tree is already a hopeless cause. If your yard or garden plays host to these types of trees, then you should seriously consider getting rid of them as these can only lower your property’s real estate worth. In some cases, they may even cause serious injury to some innocent person who happens to stroll below it.

When to remove a tree

Sometimes, homeowners are reluctant to get rid of a tree for sentimental reasons. Maybe the tree brings back treasured memories from childhood, or played a big part in the family history. It might also be that the homeowner does not want whatever bird or animal that resides either on or inside the tree to be suddenly homeless.

If unsure, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to know for certain whether you should just call a tree removal service in Marietta, GA and have that tree taken out of your yard.

Top Reasons to Call a Tree Removal Service and Save Your Landscape

The tree is already dying

If the dead or dying tree is located far from people and hence, won’t be a cause of likely accidents, then it might be safe to leave it alone. However, as in most cases, a homeowner cannot afford to have falling trees or branches that can potentially damage their property or cause serious injuries to their family.

A tree that is showing at least 50% of its trunk damaged with vertical cracks and smooth bark should already be removed from your yard as it will be more expensive to try and care for it (using herbicides and continuous pruning) rather than getting rid of it completely.

The tree is from an ‘unwanted’ species

Pine, sweetgum, Bradford pear, and tulip poplar are some of the most undesirable tree species to plant in your yard. For example, a Bradford pear is an understandably popular tree in the U.S. due to its exotic looks, but the fact that its characteristic pyramidal shape is weak against strong winds can potentially cause an accident to happen.

On the other hand, sweetgum has ridiculously large surface roots that can potentially damage your home’s foundation or any other structure nearby. Its fruits are also hard to clean once it hits the ground.

The tree is right under a power or telephone line

While you can always trim a tree so that it won’t reach at least ten feet under a power or telephone line, it will definitely cost you more than just having that tree removed. You would need to hire a professional for each trimming session as a single touch of the pruning device or ladder on the power line can cause electrocution. This is the reason why it is not advisable for homeowners and novices to try trimming and cutting trees on their own without proper training and safety equipment.

Before deciding to remove a tree, you should also consult your city council as they might have ordinances in place that can legally prevent you from getting rid of a tree completely. Even these a tree removal professional will know about.

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