They say, “First impressions last.” This holds true, especially when trying to sell your house. Real estate agents and brokers attest to the fact that a visually-appealing landscape lures more homebuyers than a newly renovated home interior can.

According to the National Arbor Mortgage, around 84% of all registered real estate agents believe that they have a 5% greater chance of selling a house with trees rather than those without. Of course, it goes without saying that the greenery surrounding the house should have excellent landscaping rather than looking like an overgrown forest. After all, an immaculately maintained landscape improves aesthetics and prevents potential animal infestations.

Good landscaping can increase a property’s market value by as much as 28%. Even those with a rating of ‘fair’ landscaping can still scrape an increase of 7% in property value.

Tree Service for Landscaped Gardens Produces Great First Impressions

Raising the stakes: The importance of curb appeal

The common misconception about landscaping is thinking that you need a large garden or yard space for it to be feasible. Thus, most homeowners think that there is no way they can increase their property value through landscaping. The truth is that simply giving your yard a makeover can do wonders on increasing your home’s chances to fetch a handsome amount from buyers.

In fact, planting the right tree species in front of your house can increase your property value. The National Tree Benefit calculator, for one, computes how much the increase will be based on how a particular tree can affect the property depending on zip code. The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service does a similar trick by using a formula that inputs the tree’s diameter size, cost, health, and position in your front yard.

Why a tree service is necessary to improve your home’s curb appeal

Most builders underestimate the selling powers of an immaculately kept landscape. Some are even solely focused on the house design that they neglect to realize that planting trees in front of the yard is not purely for environmental purposes, but also adds aesthetic appeal.

By hiring a professional tree service expert in Marietta, you can get your tree trimmed into a more visually-appealing shape. Tree removals are also sometimes essential to get rid of potential blockage on community waterways and minimize rodent and other similar pest infestation near your home.

Even when you are not planning to sell your home in the near future, it helps to know that your property value increases with improved landscaping. This make hiring a tree service expert, a sound investment you won’t regret making.

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