The Dangers Of Dead Or Damaged Trees

Trees can transform your property from a barren space to an area filled with life, providing shade during the summer, and beautiful colors in the fall.

However, if a tree dies, it is important to remove it from your property as quickly as possible so that it does not cause damage or injuries to you, your family or your neighbors. The following section takes a closer look at some of the many dangers that dead trees can pose.dead tree removal Marietta, GA

Accidents Or Injuries From Falling Dead Trees

Unlike living wood that is flexible and supple, dead wood is brittle and can crack or break easily. You never know when a branch may snap and fall, posing a serious threat to anyone who happens to get in the way of the falling limb.

Sadly, if someone is injured on your property by a falling tree branch, you could be held liable for their injuries, meaning that you would have to cover the cost of their medical bills and other losses.

Threats To Power Lines From Dead Trees

Dead trees also pose a danger to surrounding power lines. Not only can branches fall directly on the lines, but the tree itself may fall over, knocking down the lines and taking out power for the neighborhood.

Many people depend on power for more than just their lights. For instance, some people use electricity to run in-home medical equipment. If the power goes out, these people could be left in a critical situation. Not only that, but if the tree also happens to damage the phone lines, it could be difficult for them to call for help if they need it.

Damage To Your Home Or Vehicle From Tree Branches

Imagine the devastation that could occur if the tree were to fall on your home or vehicle. Not only could it seriously injure or kill a family member or pet, but it could also cause untold damage to your property.

Likewise, if the tree happened to fall the other way onto your neighbor’s home, you could be held liable not only for any necessary repairs, but also for any injuries that were sustained.  Our highly experienced tree removal pros can help avoid these situations.Marietta Tree Service removes dead trees

Homeowners Insurance And Dead Trees Don’ t Mix

It is important to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what coverage is offered in regard to dead trees falling. Some policies cover the cost of removal, while others not only won’t pay to have the tree removed, but also won’t pay for any damage caused by a falling tree.

How To Tell If A Tree Is Dead

Although it is easy to spot a tree that is totally dead, identifying damaged trees can be more difficult.

Carefully examine the trees on your property for signs of dead limbs or broken branches. Oftentimes branches that have broken off above can become lodged in the lower branches of the tree. Any branches that are dead or damaged should be carefully removed from the tree to prevent accidents or injuries.

Also, be sure to inspect the trunk of the tree for problems. Signs you should look for include decay, large cracks or any type of pronounce leaning.

Call our Tree Removal Experts today if you are concerned about any dead trees.