The Top 4 Reasons You Need To Trust Your Woodstock Ivy Removal To The Pros

Many people have an idea of ivy as a beautiful ground cover that adds an air of english landscape or colonial beauty to a property.

While there definitely is something to be said about the beauty of a small amount of ivy, the truth is that in many ways ivy is very invasive plant that can cause an enormous amount of issues on your property.

The truth is that far more often than not, it’s important to have the ivy removed from your property. In Cobb County and Cherokee County areas, SCS Trees will be able to help you remove this invasive and hard to kill plant before it becomes a problem that threatens to completely overwhelm your property.

There are 4 primary reasons why you need to get Ivy or Kudzu removed from your property by the specialists at SCS Trees.

Kudzu And Ivy Can  Kill TreesIvy Tree Removal

The first reason to control ivy is simple: it can kill otherwise fully healthy trees. Ivy, especially the common English Ivy (which is not native to the United States) can dig into the surface of the tree, as well as the structural roots while also growing thick enough to steal away water and sunlight.

In other words, it acts like a parasite in the way that that it robs the tree of water and nutrients. Save your trees by trusting professionals to get rid of the ivy.

Ivy Is Very Difficult to Maintain

The second reason to get rid of ivy is simple: it is so difficult to maintain that most people will not be able to carefully maintain it the way it needs to be in order to keep it from overrunning things.

The only way ivy can be used as a decorative plant safely is to be constantly maintained and kept at bay. Most people will not be able to take care of the ivy properly, and that means they also won’t be able to prevent the ivy from taking over their property.

Once again when you want your property looking its best that often means trusting ivy removal Woodstock specialists from SCS Tree Service to take care of your property so you don’t get overrun.

Ivy Can Create Homes for Snake & Rodent Habitat

One of the major reasons ivy causes so many problems are the pests that come with it. When ivy grows thick, it creates the perfect environment for a wide array of rodents, as well as snakes. Very few people want to deal with snake infestations and no one wants to deal with a major rodent infestation, as well.

Having out of control ivy brings both of these things into play, and that can easily and quickly become a major health and safety concern. You don’t want to let ivy get to the point where it creates this problem – jump ahead of it to make sure the pests that come with ivy don’t chase you out of your property.

Ivy removal woodstock ga

Ivy Is Very Difficult to Kill

You’re not likely to keep ivy in check by yourself. Ivy is so widespread in part because it is extremely difficult to kill. Not only does it spread fast, but getting rid of it will always prove a difficult task.

The earlier you can act on this situation, the better. Ivy is like any extremely strong or invasive plant: the longer it grows unchecked the stronger and thicker its setup is and the harder it is going to be to get rid of it.

No matter how bad the situation, the sooner ivy removal Woodstock specialists take care of your property, the better your situation will be.
While the idea of limited ivy can be appealing, be realistic about whether or not you have the ability to fully take care of the ivy or not. If it’s just too much or you want to make sure you’re not threatening your trees and offering safe havens for snakes and rodents, then it’s time to take care of it.

Don’t put off dealing with runaway ivy growth for another few years. It’s time to call the professionals to get your property ivy-free the right way.