While tree removal seems unacceptable to anyone who cares for the environment, it’s in fact necessary in some cases. Whether the tree is beside your house or in the middle of a park in Marietta, GA, there will be instances when you don’t have a choice but to remove it. Here are some of them.

When the Tree Is Dying

There’s no point in saving a dying tree. Soon its leaves will start falling, adding to your daily sweeping task. The decomposing wood will eventually invite a plethora of insects and pests, which may end up infesting your garden. Even worse, they can find a way inside your home. The tree must be taken down.

Before doing so, however, at least try to find out why the tree is dying. This way, you can prevent other trees from having the same fate, especially if the cause is change in soil composition or infestation. After figuring out the source, remove the tree and find cure for others.

When to Call a Professional Tree Service Provider from Marietta, GA

When the Tree Can Pose Hazard

Is there a tree growing too close to your home? Chances are strong winds may break its branches and damage your roof or window. If your gutter is damaged, rainwater may drip along your wall and down to your home foundation, causing potential stability issues in the end. During a storm, the entire tree might fall on your house and leave an even more serious damage. Remove the tree while it hasn’t caused any serious damage yet.

It’s not just the visible parts of the tree that can cause damage. The roots as they grow may also crack open your pavement or even your basement wall. Expect water damage to come your way if this happens.


While having many trees in your yard looks good, it can actually be a problem. Tree crowding is one of the leading causes of death of trees both in the wild and in residential yards. When there are more trees than the soil can cater, the trees will start dying. It is better to remove some and save the rest than to lose all of the trees. This is why tree removal services are important.

Why Call a Professional

No matter the reason why you need to remove your trees, it would be better to entrust the job to a professional tree service provider. Apart from having more experience, they also have the right tools and equipment to get the job done safely and fast. You can have your yard free of the unwanted tree in no time.

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