Having trees at your home brings many benefits. Not only does the air become cleaner but planting trees strategically may help save your air conditioning costs by 50% in the summer. In fact, strategic planting is the key to reaping maximum benefits from your trees. Trees that are located too close to your house may pose risk of injury and damages. What can those risks be?

Lightning Risk

It’s widely known that tall structures are more susceptible to lightning strikes. When it does strike, tall trees that are so close it essentially overshadows your home can channel the electricity to your house. Lightning passing through a house can cause a power surge and damage your electronics. In some cases, it may even cause a fire. Wood and other flammable furniture can be easily ignited as the electricity passes through them.

Trees Too Close to Home May Cause Damage, Says Tree Service Company

Storm Damage

Storms are pretty much common in the United States. It causes over $12 million in property damages annually, and a portion of those damages are due to fallen trees. When a tree falls onto the house and creates a big hole on your roof, the damage can be extensive. Water damage and broken furniture are just some of them. To avoid this situation, plant your tree within a safe distance from a house. You can also choose species of trees that are not prone to breaking, for example, trees with thick barks.

Rodent Access

A mouse is the number one rodent problem in many residential environments. Due to their tiny physique, they can squeeze themselves into your house from the tiniest holes. One of their points of entry is through the roof. Having trees with branches hanging over your house may just provide them with extra access into your house. They can create openings on your roof to enter the attic, where they love to store food and nest throughout the winter.

May people often forget that trees are living and breathing organisms. This means they naturally shed and produce debris such as dead leaves. These waste can build up on your gutter or drainage system and cause a blockage. Trees also have moisture and combined with shade from the leaves it can cause moss to form on your walls.

Planting trees too close to your home may bring risks that counter their benefits. To estimate the safe tree distance from your house, consult with an experienced tree service company.


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